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It is a privilege to be allowed to represent Trenton and our citizens as Mayor. As a lifelong resident, many changes have occurred, however residents of the City and the surrounding area have always demonstrated a willingness to share with others through their caring attitudes, talents, time, labor, and money. It only takes time to look around and see our physical progress of the new fire station, Bradley Crusher Park, Trenton Community Center, as well as homes, churches, and businesses, old and new. Pride in our community is apparent.

One of my goals for the next four years is to continue progress through promotion of Trenton as a great place to live, have a business, or just to pass through. This will take time and coordination with our County and City Officials as well as you. We have many individuals and families here with a variety of talents and ideas. It will take us all, so I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas as to how this can become a better place, while retaining our history and small-town feel. Our forefathers have provided us with a pattern of fiscal responsibility as we move forward. Your City Commission is committed to this endeavor.

Mayor​ Martha Jo Ray
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The form of government for the City of Trenton is known as the “Commission Plan.” This plan of government consists of an elected officer, who is called the mayor, and four elected commissioners. The mayor and commissioners together comprise the city commission. (KRS 83A.140(2); 83A.030(2)