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“Being Mayor for the past six years has continuously been an honor to serve and represent the City of Trenton. The improvements in our Community during that time has shown the dedication and commitment of the hard work of our City Commission. This team of hard working men and women, along with the involvement of our residents and businesses, has made Trenton a place to live with pride”. We should ALL be excited about the accomplishments that has made our Community better.

“I am looking forward to the next two years of my tenure as Mayor. We still have priorities that we need to focus on, with our infrastructure being at the top. I hope that the future of our community will move forward in a positive way and that Trenton will continue to prosper and grow”.

“No one said that being involved in City Government was going to be easy. It takes the willingness and the openness of all individuals involved to share and listen to ideas. I hope that our citizens will continue to be involved in communicating with our City Commission”.

“Remember, this is not my community, it is not your community, it is OUR Community”. ​
Mayor​ Jo Ann Holder
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The form of government for the City of Trenton is known as the “Commission Plan.” This plan of government consists of an elected officer, who is called the mayor, and four elected commissioners. The mayor and commissioners together comprise the city commission. (KRS 83A.140(2); 83A.030(2)